Let’s see what we can do for you.

Startup development

  • Business strategy
  • User research
  • Design, modeling and pricing
  • Launching MVP (minimum viable product)
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Continuous development

Our work results in:

Web, web app or native app with thousands of users for the lowest investment possible.

Web or app development

  • Wireframe and user journey mapping
  • Technical specification
  • Webdesign
  • Coding and programming
  • Creating texts and filling products

Our work results in:

Great sales desktop and mobile website which results in increasing your brand attraction.

Software development

  • Business analysis
  • Custom software design
  • Information & transaction software development
  • Testing

Our work results in:

User-friendly software helps your company to be more efficient.

Your current website improvements

  • Analysis of mistakes and opportunities
  • User and A/B testing
  • Heat maps setting
  • Web adjustments for more inquiries and orders
  • Links to useful 3rd party tools
  • Graphical website innovation

Our work results in:

Increased conversion rate and higher revenue by tens of percent.

Education and know-how transfer

  • CEO talk - 1 to 1 discussion on web and app usage in the company
  • Web literacy for business owners
  • Company workshops
  • Individual consultations

Our work results in:

You will gain professional know-how for higher profits and revenue from your website and application.

What do we do differently?

  • We will do our best to save you tens of hours of your precious time.
  • With us, you always communicate with an entrepreneur, a person who is highly oriented on the profitability of each project. We always make recommendations on what to look for and what to watch out for.
  • We won’t try to fit you in one of our solutions. Instead of that, we will always search for the best cost-effective solution. Well, you know, if we advise you well, your business will grow, and that is the only way how we both can be successful.
  • We protect you from problems with programmers because we know how to deal with them :-).

How to set everything in motion?



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