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Why should you pay attention?

  • If you want to earn more.
  • If you want more customers.
  • If you are struggling with your website.
  • If you want to stay up to date and be helpful to your customers.
  • If you feel that your company could get more customers, thanks to your website.
  • If you search for tips, which you can immediately implement on your own.
  • If you are keen on to find out “secret” hints, which will stay on your website forever.

How does this educational challenge work?


  • You will get one short video and task every day, which could be easily done in less than 30 minutes.


  • Every day you will do a small step to boost your website. After 20 days you will definitely have a more powerful web at least for next year.


  • All tasks and videos are for the business people who need to understand the maximum potential of their websites.


  • Kristyna speaks your language, avoiding shortcuts like MVP, CSS, FTP, UX, PPC, GUI, CMS, API, and others popular words in our community like Agile, Back-end, Framework, Adaptive, Deployment or Git.

What are the daily lessons about?

  • Day 1 - Simple DIY Website Testing (Do It Yourself) [video length 5:48]
  • Day 2 - How to Set Up a Google Analytics and Define Your Business Goals [7:03]
  • Day 3 - 3 Key Metrics in Google Analytics to Focus On as an Entrepreneur [5:51]
  • Day 4 - How to Set Up Goals and Dashboards in Google Analytics [11:05]
  • Day 5 - Heat Maps and User Session Recordings Introduction [8:23]
  • Day 6 - 10 Second Usability Website Test [6:59]
  • Day 7 - Homemade User Testing, How to Do It and Questions [6:17]
  • Day 8 - How to Attract Users of Your Website within the First 5 Seconds [5:22]
  • Day 9 - 4 Tips How to Be Easily Reachable for Your Web Visitors (w/Examples) [6:43]
  • Day 10 - 5+1 Website Readability Principles to Have Clearly Readable Content [9:14]
  • Day 11 - Where to Place the Most Important Content for Your Website Users? [8:06]
  • Day 12 - 6 Tips to Ensure Smooth Website Navigation for the Visitors [8:51]
  • Day 13 - What is Responsive Design and its 4 Biggest Mistakes [11:15]
  • Day 14 - 4 Mobile Web Design Ideas, Interesting Facts, and Hamburger Menu [12:06]
  • Day 15 - Why is Website Loading Speed Crucial for Your Success? [5:17]
  • Day 16 - Essential Ideas for Stunning Website on Google (on-page SEO) [7:27]
  • Day 17 - 2 Fundamental Website Security Tips [6:40]
  • Day 18 - 5 Surprisingly Powerful Hacks Increasing Conversions and Online Sales [10:18]
  • Day 19 - Lead Magnet - How to Get In Touch with Your Future Customers [6:33]
  • Day 20 - 3 Key Advantages of E-mail Automation and How to Set It Up [8:08]

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Who have we created this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Product managers
  • People who are thinking about new startup


May not be suitable for...

  • Web or app developers
  • Digital marketers
  • UX, CX, Web and all kind of designers

“We needed a new website and corporate identity for our company. I contacted the Creative Handles team thanks to the recommendation I got. I must say that I was and still I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation. They manage to create not only a great website but also graphic design and other marketing activities. Now we have a modern site that attracts our customer's attention to our products and services very easily. I am looking forward to cooperating on other projects!”

- Dan Dlouhy, CEO - Klimax

About the tutor:

Kristyna Langerova is a people-oriented person who highly focuses on customers satisfaction in every possible way. She is 100% devoted to everything she does.

Kristyna leads Creative Handles and her non-falling energy is helping our clients to get more revenues for their websites or apps. She loves traveling, her job, her boyfriend and helping people around her. And please, call her Tyna :)

Kristyna's specialization:

  • improving user and customer experience
  • educating people who face challenges connected with the fast-changing digital environment

"I believe that thanks to this educational challenge I can help more people to be happy with their businesses and mainly with their lives.
Kristyna Langerova, CEO & Customer Experience Advisor

20 videos and smart tasks for entrepreneurs

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