Web design & creative campaigns for a leading HR agency

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About the project

We collaborated with ProfesKontakt to modernize their successful and more traditional business practices. Thanks to the open-minded people in ProfesKontakt, we were able to execute highly provocative and creative campaigns.

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UX Testing

we produced a 30-page guide to better UX practices

Web design

We recommended focusing on ProfesKontak’s B2C customer base first. Intuitive navigation and responsive design creates more leads using all modern devices.

Brand Campaign

We designed a multichannel marketing campaign, using Google Adwords and social media, which focused on the digital space where ProfesKontact’s customers occupy.



Social media - Facebook


from 150 to 2 000, in one month

UX guide


we produced a 30-page guide to better UX practices



years of cooperation between Profeskontakt and Creative Handles



Our regular meetings and deep understanding of our client’s business helped us develop their digital marketing strategy from scratch. The process for every campaign was the same: Idea development > Campaign creative design > Client's feedback > Editing > Approval of budget  > Production & design > Campaign launch > Optimization & reporting > Results

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