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About the project

Mavimi is an amazing social business with huge advantages for 3 groups - women with children, employers, and our whole country’s macroeconomic situation. Mavimi connects women who are searching for flexible employment and companies searching for new and effective employees or temporary cooperation.

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Web app design

Based on user research, we created an interactive design and an intuitive flow for both individual users and company registration. We optimized the design and features using testing and feedback from real users.

MVP & prototyping

First, we developed a landing page for women (user side). We got great feedback from user testing, which confirmed our business idea. Due to thorough user testing, we were able to offer thousands of potential employees to companies immediately after we launched the app’s registration functionality.

Web app development

Web application development happens in circles and short intervals. The optimization process is composed of 1. User testing, 2. Design, 3. Development 4. Testing, and repeat. Thanks to this, we are able to reach our goals faster and easier without wasting an enormous budget on app development.

First year


Corporate customers


seeking employees

User profiles


registrations of job seekers

MVP & Prototype


job seekers during the 3 month period of testing



Our role in brainstorming the idea brought us on the board as co-founders of Mavimi.

We developed the first landing page within a few days in order to begin building our user base. During prototyping, we changed the business model three times to find the right solution quickly. We are still optimizing the web app and business to grow faster.

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Ženy na rodičovské se stále častěji poohlížejí po možnosti, jak zase začít pracovat. I pár hodin týdně totiž výrazně pomůže maminkám i firmám. 


Mavimi se stala vítězem soutěže Mas-up organizované Impact HUBem Praha. Zaměstnavatelé si mohou podle svých požadavků najít kvalifikovaného a motivovaného zaměstnance - maminky.

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