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About the project

The Bondster P2P Fintech app connects investors from the general public with trusted lenders. We bring new opportunities for investors to easily earn attractive returns without any in-depth knowledge of the financial market.

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Web strategy

We pointed out the most crucial parts of the website and made recommendations to improve key touchpoints for acquisitions as well as added an investment and investment return calculator that updates in real-time.

Web design

We designed an interactive UI (user interface) to attract the users’ attention. From the business perspective, we defined the MVP (minimum viable product) and aligned the business goals with key points for acquisition.

Web development

We developed the new site in two steps. First, the MVP was composed of the landing page, an interactive loan detail page, and an “about investing” page, which created leads and a loyal customer base quickly. Second, we added subpages to increase the conversion rate.



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Important strategic workshops showed us crucial points that we needed to work on. After that, we enhanced the design with key acquisition sections. The graphic design was created with an emphasis on detail and micro animations to attract users’ attention to the right parts of the website. The website is responsive and optimized for all modern devices so that users can invest with ease.

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About Bondster


Revoluci při zhodnocování peněz přinese v tuzemsku zcela nová možnost investování, kterou nabízí online tržiště Bondster.


Tato platforma umožňuje investorům investovat do půjček právnických osob, které jsou zajištěny zástavním právem k nemovitým a movitým věcem

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